Sick/Fit Notes

Sick notes are now referred to as Fit notes.

A doctor is only obliged to issue a fit note after the first week of absence if there is a clinical need.

If you have been off work for seven days or less, you can self-certificate your illness using an SC2 form. Your employer should be able to provide you with this form on your return (many have their own form), however you can download an official SC2 form by clicking here.

Please do not request a fit note for the first seven days. If a note is required for the first seven days simply as proof of sickness, then this will be charged as a private note.

After seven days if you do require a doctor’s note you will need to make an appointment to see your doctor.  Doctors are only able to back date sick notes in certain circumstances and you should book your follow up appointment in good time. Urgent appointments should not be used for renewal of sick notes. There is no longer a requirement to obtain a “signing off” note before you return to work.

If you require a further certificate for the same medical problem this can often be dealt with by telephoning the surgery. The receptionist will add your name to the list on the day the next sick note is due to start. The doctor will either issue a further sick note or request the patient make an appointment for review.